☆ SkateboardGaming ☆

~ Call me Jackson / Tanner / Ferris! ~
Transgender Demiboy (he/him + they/them)
Dumb 19 Year Old Idiot lol
Demiromantic Asexual (Aegosexual specifically)
Fictosexual too (I like fictional characters lol)
Probably has ADHD or Autism, among other things.
I like to draw shit for fun and to comfort myself too. I'm also a freaking loser lmao.
Regretevator is gay (PartyBeetle forever)


(listed from highest interest to lowest) [As of July 2024 lol]

☆ Phighting and Regretevator!
☆ Object Shows
☆ Dave and Bambi (+ all those good DNB fanmods like Strident Crisis and Golden Apple lmao)
☆ Lots of Dave and Bambi songs
☆ SPACE!!!
☆ The Backrooms
☆ Liminal Spaces n shit
☆ Webcore / Old Windows
☆ Dreamcore / Weirdcore
☆ Baldi's Basics lmaoooo
☆ My own OCS lmfao
☆ My stories
☆ Dogs and Cats (I just like animals overall, and have lots of pets irl)
☆ Minecraft
☆ Roblox
☆ Warrior Cats

Do Not Interact if...

- NSFW, Zoo, Racist, Pedo, LGBTQ+ Phobic, Proshipper, and other common DNI criteria.
- If you think LGBTQ+ is a Mental Illness, or think Depression and Anxiety isn't real, get out.
- Dave and Bambi hater (sure, you can be mad about the printer sounding songs, but just leave me alone about it)
- Makes fun of my because I draw characters as wolves. I'm not confident in drawing humans, and they are not furries. Stfu.
- Against tone indicators (why tho?)
- Supports any problematic thing (like problematic people, themes, whatever)

Before you interact...

- I make suggestive jokes at times, and they are NEVER directed at minors or characters who are minors (i only make these jokes with good friends, and only if I know for sure they don't mind them either. I'll never make these jokes with friends who don't like them!)
- I'm a big scardey cat as my mind has decided to make me afriad because of things that have happened to me in the past. I will try to avoid repeats of cituations that I've gone through. If it takes me a while to reply to you, you probably said something that made me nervous!
- I draw characters as wolves because I'm not confident in drawing humans. DO NOT make fun of me for it or call my characters furries, that's not what they are.
- I use tone indicators often! You can use them with me too, I would appreciate it. It would ease my nervousness.


After something that happened to me, I feel uncomfortable with just sharing my stuff with strangers. So you get only a few links! Sorry.
Besides, I barely even use any social medias anyways cuz someone out there is gonna start drama with me just cuz they feel like it, so I avoid the trouble completely before it can even start. Fuck that lol.
I'm kinda dead on all of the platforms except for Toyhouse. Oops. My bad, sorry I'm not motivated.

Secret Page lmao

I love all of my epic friends so much. Platonically and as a family for the closer friends! All of you mean a lot to me!One that I love the most though is my Bestie. She's gotta be my future wife, she's just so nice to me and we hang out so often. She's so sweet to me, I don't deserve her at times, she's just so damn nice. She is the Dave to my Bambi (and we literally kin both of them respectfully so yeah, we're definitely gay lmao)Anyways, enough of my gushing over my friends, you probably like men lmao.